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Membership Dues: The formula for calculating dues is based on your total number of employees. This includes both full-time and part-time staff working in the food industry in Utah. The fees are as follows:


Total Number of Employees


Association Dues $
Food PAC Contribution $
Total Amount Due $

Number of Employees Annual Dues
1 to 10 - $385
11 to 500 - $385 plus $6.60 per employee over 10
501 to 1,000 - $3,650 plus $5.40 per employee over 500
over 1,000 - $6,400 plus $3.45 per employee over 1,000 up to a maximum of $16,400 per company.

Political Action Committee (Food PAC)
Your Food PAC contribution, as noted above, is a voluntary contribution that is not required for membership in the Utah Food Industry Association. These funds are raised for the purpose of contributing to the campaigns of state and local candidates who have demonstrated a track record of supporting food industry issues. The contributions are directed by the membership of the Association through its FOOD PAC committee. These funds are critical to help support government officials who are committed to maintaining a business friendly environment in Utah and to supporting our free enterprise system.

If you would like other personnel in your organization to receive communications from the Association please send an e-mail to membership@utfood.com with names, titles and email addresses of those individuals.