Government Relations Representation

The Utah Food Industry Association has been protecting the interests of food retailers and suppliers for over 100 years. During this time technologies have changed and government officials have come and gone, but the need for effective representation with federal, state, and local governments has remained constant. The Association staff closely monitors legislative and regulatory matters and as issues arise, advocates for or fights against legislation or regulations that may impact your company’s ability to compete in the marketplace. 

Credit Card Processing

Members are guaranteed a savings with our Credit Card Processing Program or we pay you $250! The Association has reviewed a host of credit card processors but has found none that offer the personal service and savings to our members like iTransact and Central Payment. Their turnaround time is outstanding and their attention to detail is unequaled. Since rolling out this program we have already seen members who have realized exceptional savings. This is a wonderful benefit to Association members who accept credit, debit, and gift cards. To get started, fax or email a copy of your most recent credit card statement for a “sure save” analysis to the Association staff.  

Coupon Redemption

If you aren’t taking advantage of the coupon services offered by the Association, you might be missing out on a valuable revenue recovery stream for business. Let the Association assume one of the biggest chores facing you, the retailer - sorting, counting and redeeming the coupons you receive each and every day from customers. As a member of the Utah Food Industry Association, our coupon redemption service will count and sort your coupons, then get cash back to you in a timely manner along with a detailed history with year to date accounting. This is one of the most valuable services provided by the Association and it offers invaluable return on your membership dollars. 

Insurance Products & Services

The Association offers a wide range of insurance products to member companies. Health insurance, workers’ compensation, property & casualty, personal lines, life, and supplemental coverage all can be accessed through the Association’s endorsed provider Bridgestone Insurance. Let our licensed partners help you find the broadest coverage at the most affordable price. We specialize in insuring the risks common to our industry so you’ll get the expertise you need for your business. Not to mention by using the association's endorsed partner a portion of your policy commissions stay with the Association so you get twice the bang for your buck.