Food PAC-Involvement Through Action

The Utah Food Industry Association State Political Action Committee (FOOD PAC) is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated state political action committee. It is independent of any political party, candidate or organization. It is a group of individual citizens who are interested in preserving and strengthening the principles of government as embodied in the U.S. Constitution, and in promoting our free, private and competitive system of business as exemplified by the Utah food industry.


Food Pac Objective

FOOD PAC is organized exclusively to raise funds to contribute to campaigns of state and local candidates who will protect and perpetuate the interests of the food industry in the state of Utah. The performance of the people we elected to office has a profound effect on the way our government operates, and thus influences what happens in our state and communities ­ ultimately affecting the well-being of each of us. It follows that we must become more active in the election of candidates who have qualifications and background which are sensitive to our points of view.


Food Pac Leadership

Everyone who contributes to FOOD PAC will automatically become a member for that year. Funds will be distributed to candidates or issues as determined by the FOOD PAC officers and contribution committee. The leaders of FOOD PAC are all outstanding leaders in the food industry and have all served as officers or directors of the Utah Food Industry Association. These individuals will operate and approve all activities in accordance with the laws governing election campaign funding.


How Food Pac Works

FOOD PAC accepts contributions from anyone interested in the Utah Food Industry. It can accept contributions from any person or company in the form of a check, corporate or personal. The contributions must be totally voluntary. Any amount of contribution is welcome. Once FOOD PAC receives the contributions, we collectively expend every cent of these funds for the purpose of supporting issues or candidates for state and local public office who are in general agreement with the objectives of FOOD PAC.
The committee follows proven techniques and supports candidates after reviewing their voting records and political principles and agendas.